10.10.10 in Denver

For 10 days, beginning June 20th, Denver will host the second 10.10.10 health event. 10.10.10 brings in 10 proven, impact-oriented entrepreneurs for 10 days to take on 10 “wicked” problems in health.


The organization defines a “wicked” problem as an issue that is difficult or seemingly impossible to solve because of an economic burden, the interconnected nature of the problem with other problems, incomplete or contradictory knowledge, or the number of people and opinions involved. These are the problems that effect us and our surroundings everyday, yet we see as too large and cumbersome to handle. 

10.10.10 wants to develop entrepreneur-driven solutions to these wicked problems. An article from Forbes about the event points out the unique qualities it has to offer. Unlike other attempts to tackle such massive issues, 10.10.10 focuses on market-oriented solutions rather than big picture ideas that lack direction. The end goal is not to have 10 startups or 10 solutions, rather the goal is to have 2-3 market based solutions that form the basis of 2-3 startups.

Founder Tom Higley told the Denver Post before last year's event:

"If we succeed wildly, here's what happens: we'll solve a couple of wicked problems. Not 10. Two would be really good. And at the end of a period of nine months, we hope there are at least a couple of fundable companies to take to the market. That's the objective."

Events like this drive Denver’s startup industry. While the 10 proven entrepreneurs come from across the country, the Denver based organization and event inspires and showcases our local startup community. Last year’s event got local and national attention for its innovative approach to world-impacting issues.

This year the 10 wicked problems will be in healthcare like last year’s event, but the 10 problems will not be identical to last year. The problems will be a combination of new wicked issues and last years, for 10 new successful entrepreneurs to face. 

Three events over the 10 days will be available to the public:

Monday, June 20: “The Big Reveal”

The 10 entrepreneurs and 10 wicked problems will be revealed

Friday, June 24: Midpoint

Denver is invited to join a discussion with health and innovation experts about disruptive opportunities in health and the world of wicked problems.

Thursday, June 30: “i3: Intention, Inception, Impact”

Closing ceremonies including reviews from the entrepreneurs on their past 10 days and the wicked problems they have chosen to focus on.

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