IoT Spotlight

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an up-and-coming trend in the startup world that embeds physical objects with network connections for users to control, track, and monitor everything from their sprinkler systems (Rachio) to their favorite robotic toys (Sphero).

IoT startups are beginning to emerge in the rapidly expanding economy of Colorado. Notion is one of these emerging companies, and happens to be among Denver’s most exciting young tech startups.

            Notion is an all-in-one sensor for simplified home monitoring. Users are able to know when windows and doors are open and adjust room temperature, as well as receive alerts for water leaks or smoke alarms. Since Notion was founded in 2014 by Brett Jurgens and Ryan Margoles, the company has been praised by Forbes and The Huffington Post, among others.

            Margoles recently published an article for Tech Crunch, giving insider advice for IoT startups. The co-founder recognized that with the growth of the startup industry, companies were going to need better advice than what is available to them. Margoles writes that although there is an abundance of information about how to succeed as a startup, it is generic, vague, and unhelpful. For that reason, he decided to provide a roadmap aimed at IoT startups, to help them actually differentiate and succeed.

Check out his article here: