The Stanford of Denver

As an intern at Code Talent and a third year student at the University of Denver, the idea of a new, entrepreneurial program is exciting. I'm just starting to learn about the growing technology scene in Colorado and it's becoming abundantly clear many great companies are in desperate need of talented engineers. At Code Talent, we recruit the best engineering talent for top companies all over the Denver area. Having local university students learn technical skills in an entrepreneurial context will be valuable to our clients and the technical community as a whole. With the new computer science program at Project X-ITE, not only will the applicant pool grow, but engineers will be better qualified to work at all types of companies. 

The new dean of the computer school at DU, J.B. Holston, has expedited his new project, Project X-ITE. The overall vision of X-ITE? To turn DU into the Stanford of Denver.

The project is going to allow students to have a better idea for what being an entrepreneur is like, and prepare students better for after graduation, by incorporating all kinds of students together, rather than keeping the marketing majors with the marketing majors. The program highlights innovation and technology, both things that can make or break you when looking for a job. Finally, the program pushes students to do more experimental learning—more internships. As an intern, I can confidently say that experimental learning has a stronger, more lasting effect on me. I learn skills that I would never be able to acquire inside a classroom.

It’s about time DU recognized its potential as one of the top five best cities for entrepreneurs, and top city to live in the U.S. Having DU as the Stanford of Denver might make those rising living prices a little less painful. 

Check out the Denver Post article on Project X-ITE here: