TV Takeover: Layer3

Located in LoDo, Layer3 has one massive mission: to reinvent the way you watch TV. 

Wired features the innovative Denver based company in recent business section: 

Watching TV these days is different than ever before. While most millennials and generations following them tend to only use internet streaming sites for content, households still typically have a cable provider. Here's the issue: there are too many ways to watch TV. Not only is there broadcast, cable, and internet streaming, but there are also many different ways to stream content from the internet: from the dozens of popular websites to technology like Apple TV and Roku.

None of the platforms offer the same content as the others, so paying monthly fees for Netflix on top of a cable bill is common. 

The Wired article talks about how Jeff Binder, the CEO of Layer3, noticed this issue. While internet streaming may be on the rise, taking Cable companies down, Layer3 thinks that the future of TV doesn't have to be the internet. Maybe the future of TV just needs to be better TV. 

To do this, the company combines broadcast and cable pay TV channels with internet enabled video all in one, easy to find channel guide. This makes it possible to watch shows--no matter where the content is--all on the same platform. But, it's not Internet TV: the video does not rely on the internet. Layer3 manages its own IP Network, allowing them ensure quick downloads and high quality picture. 

The Layer3 team has been constructing their "takeover tactic" over Comcast for the past 2 years, aiming to be the company that changes the television industry. The startup has already raised $100 million, struck major deals with programming companies, and tested their product.

Located in Lower Downtown Denver, Layer3's ambitious goals and fresh take on cable TV is a perfect example of one of the many companies shaping Denver into a leader in the new, emerging digital economy.  Their ideas and passion is what Denver likes to see: building our ecosystem, creating exciting tech jobs, and pushing to be the best. 

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