Denver & Gusto: The Perfect Match

Just last year, the Silicon Valley native, Gusto, opened its second location in Denver. This Denver Post article reported that with the new location, Gusto announced its plan to hire 1,750 employees in Denver in the next eight years. 

In our current economy, startups are a major driving factor. Denver has welcomed Gusto with open arms, as companies like Gusto push Denver to the top, add major employment opportunities, and contribute to our tech community as a whole. 

Gusto, or formally known as Zenpayroll, is a payroll product desinged with startups or small businesses in mind. The company charges a monthly fee to simplify payroll. Gusto's goal is to take complicated and dull business tasks--like tax filings and digital paystubs--and makes them "simple and delightful." Recently, Gusto has added to their service, putting an emphasis on helping small companies get employee benefit plans

Founded in 2012, Gusto now processes billions of dollars for tens and thousands of companies in annual payrolls. In 2015, their total funding came to $86.1 million after raising $60 million in the Google Capital investment round alone. 

After doing their research, Gusto found that Denver was the right fit for their second location because it has all the elements to support their exponential employment growth. Denver is growing, but more specifically the well-educated population in Denver is growing. This in addition to business retention rates and a strong public transportation system made Denver the perfect match for the amount of employees Gusto desired. 


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