Better, Faster, Stronger

As talked about in my previous blog post, Built in Colorado , Colorado has always attracted people for it's abundance of outdoor activities. It's no surprise that with those activities, Coloradans also gained a reputation for their healthy and fit lifestyle: 2016 is the sixth year in a row Colorado has been named the "leanest state." 

As Denver gains a new reputation for the city's growing startup industry,  the fit and healthy way of life in Colorado sets Denver apart from the rest.

Virgin Mobile recently published an article praising Denver's entrepreneurial hub for it's healthy ways, saying that our lifestyle is what makes Denver "one of the most exciting startup hubs, and one that boasts a unique selling point." The author points out that the people of Denver put quality of life above everything. 

The startup community of Denver is merging with the outdoor community, leading to a lifestyle that works hard, stays healthy, and looks at the bigger picture. Whether it's developing a new product, or completing an IronMan, Coloradans are determined. 

ReadyTalk, a startup located in Denver, has definitely embraced the lifestyle. Named one of the Best Places to Work by Outside Magazine four years in a row, the company is known for their work environment. With a smoothie bar, on-site yoga, and allowances for race entrance fees, the company embraces and promotes the Colorado stereotype. 

Denver's FullContact also made the list. Similar to ReadyTalk, the tech company has lunch-time yoga, group frisbee in the park, and a gym right in their office space. The company tells their employees to take vacations "off the grid," so they can relax and come back to work fully energized. 

ReadyTalk and FullContact are just a couple of Denver's tech startups who prioritize their employees health. Coloradans work hard, but they know the importance of a healthy and balanced life. And according to Virgin Mobile, it makes the city even more enticing. 

Check out the full article here.