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Colorado Tech Sparks Disruption in Energy Industry

 Colorado Tech Sparks Disruption in Energy Industry

As a renewable energy leader, Colorado's energy industry has more opportunities than ever, especially with the renewable market growing steadily. The Colorado State Energy Office emphasizes just that in the introduction of their 2014 report

"Colorado's diversity of energy resources, business-friendly environment, and world-class research institutions puts the state on a path toward a more secure energy future."

With these perfect conditions, people are merging Denver's love for tech with the opportunities in the energy industry. Companies are innovating new ways to save money, power, and other resources; whether it be connecting power consumers to investors or putting them at the center of everything.

Company Profile: Shutterstock

Company Profile: Shutterstock

Company Profile on Shutterstock: leading provider of high-quality images, vectors, illustrations, videos, and music to businesses, marketing agencies, and media organizations around the world. With over 125 million images and 6 million videos available, and increasing each week, Shutterstock has revolutionized the stock imagery industry. Continue reading and see how. 

Industry Disruption via ProtectWise

ProtectWise is disrupting network security. 

The Denver-based company shifted network security to the cloud with their platform: ProtectWise Grid. The platform provides enhanced visibility and detection of security threats, in addition to accelerated incident response. Think of it like a traditional security system, only instead of cameras monitoring a warehouse, ProtectWise monitors your network. 

As described by TechCrunch, ProtectWise’s security strategy is surprisingly simple: it records all networking activity and provides customers with forensic tools to search and review it. Companies can see threats in real-time while also being able to continuously go back and discover previously overlooked threats. With ProtectWise’s “unlimited visibility and detection of complex threats that develop overtime,” you can also stop threats in their tracks. 

Since their beginning in 2013, ProtectWise has been featured for their innovative  solutions and elite team. The company has  been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Xconomy, The Denver Post, The Denver Business Journal, and other prominent channels. In their most recent success, the company raised $25 million in a round with investors that included Arsenal Venture Partners, Top Tier Capital Partners, and others. Scott Chasin, CEO, said that the round was further proof of their uniqueness as a cloud-based platform. With the new $25M, Chasin intends to invest in sales and marketing to broaden their impact in the industry they're disrupting. 


ProtectWise has raised a total of $67 million to date, with other rounds including: 

$3.05M in 2013 

$14.1M in 2014

$20M in 2015 





On top of all that, ProtectWise also has a strong company culture that emphasizes high collaboration, helping "the good guys win," and building a future where we are all stronger together. As an industry disrupting company, you'll find a high-paced environment with advanced technology needing new solutions constantly—and all at a massive scale. Off of that, CTO Gene Stevens says, "as such, we look for candidates who are just as good at what they don't know as they are at what they do know." 

If you're looking to get into the cybersecurity industry or you're just interested in it, the ProtectWise blog is a invaluable resource to check out. Blogs are published at least twice a month, with authors including the entire team—even CEO Chasin himself has written a few posts.