Colorado and the west winning in job growth

In a recent study by the Denver Post, Colorado was ranked as a top state for long-term job growth. 

Colorado was tied at #4 with Arizona, just behind Utah (#1), Nevada (#2), and Texas (#3). The conclusion of the research was that the west is "winning the post-recession marathon of job gains." Colorado and the west proved to have the strongest job growth across the widest array of sectors over a long period of time. 

The Denver Post ranked every state and Washington, D.C. for its job-growth rate in 13 different sectors between April 1990 and April 2016. This time period included tech and housing booms in addition to three recessions. The rankings were added together for a total score.

States with low scores meant they were better at achieving higher rates of job growth across more sectors. 

Colorado was a consistent favorite, ranking in the top five in 7 of the 13 sectors, and only two sectors ranking below #11. Colorado was never ranked in the bottom half. Colorado was ranked highest in mining, government services, construction, leisure and hospitality, other services, retail trade, and information. 

The study did not look at the tech industry specifically, rather it placed tech companies in their respective sectors. The report by the US Chamber of Commerce, Innovation That Matters, studied the technology sector and found consistent findings: while Colorado tech is shining in the energy sector, we are lacking in the education and transportation sectors. 

Overall, Colorado and the west are growing and outshining their neighbors when it comes to job growth.