Company Profile: Notion

Notion is a home monitoring and awareness system that constantly monitors your home and provides insights when you need them.

Currently, the technology has five main feature categories: doors, temperature, water leaks, alarms and windows, and eight senses: temperature, acceleration, natural frequency, light, motion, sound, angular rate, and water. No more wondering if you forgot to turn off the lights, if the garage door closed, or if your smoke alarm is going off while your at work; Notion allows you to stay connected to your home wherever you are

The company was founded by Brett Jurgens and Ryan Margoles. The childhood friends began with the idea of a smoke alarm that would send home owners notifications when it went off. However, after doing more research into the IoT industry, they saw a gap in home automation products: most of them only served a single purpose, and were highly technical in nature. 

After their preliminary research, the founders decided to take their original idea even further, and create what the industry was lacking, Notion: an easy-to-use, all-in-one system connected through oreo-sized sensors and a mobile application.

Jurgens recognized the need for a single device for home monitoring, as well as the potential impact his product could have on homeowners' insurance. He said:  

"For years, people have been able to receive discounts on their homeowners insurance by installing a security system. However, these systems typically come with high costs, long-term contracts, and minimal functionality resulting in only about 20 percent adoption in the US. Our goal is to provide the remaining 112 million homeowners without a security system, with the smartest solution to protect their homes and families. We want to bring the promise of IoT to all homeowners by addressing their biggest needs in a readily accessible and affordable package."

The Boulder-based duo was selected into the TechStars Boulder 2014 program, just after Margoles moved back to Boulder from California to pursue Notion full-time. Since TechStars, Notion has had consistent success. The company had one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns in history, raising just under $282K in 30 days. The campaign surpassed Notion's original goal of $50K in under 24 hours. Additionally, Notion raised $3.2M just this past May in a seed round led by XL innovate with participation from Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures.