Company Profile: Revolar

Denver's startup Revolar is on a mission to change the way we keep loved ones safe. With help from Kickstarter, The Foundry Group, and two tech accelerators, Revolar is getting that mission accomplished. 

Revolar is an alert device about the size of a keychain that sends out alerts with users location information to their trusted contacts. The device comes with two different cases: one to clip onto clothing and one to attach to keys. The button is connected to the Revolar app, where users enter the contacts they want to be alerted.

Founded in 2014 by Jacquline Ros, Revolar now has 21 employees and has sold over 4,000 devices through its website and Brookstone. Ros said she began the company because of her little sister, who was assaulted twice before the age of 17. Ros kept hearing from victims similar to her sister that they knew something was wrong, but they were unable to access their phones. Ros wanted to create a small, single-use device to fix this problem. 

CEO and Founder Jacquline Ros

CEO and Founder Jacquline Ros

Simply press the button when you are in an uncomfortable or dangerous location, and the app will alert your loved ones with your location, the severity of your situation, as well as track your movement since the alert began. A rapid double-press indicates a yellow alert, asking your contacts to get in touch. A rapid triple-press sends a red alert: that you need immediate help.

Ros first pitched the idea in 2014 at Denver Startup Week where she won free legal services and SEO services. At the same event, Ros met the Boulder-based Foundry Group partner Seth Levine, which eventually led to her first funding.

Besides the Foundry Group, Revolar raised $85,000 in 45 days on Kickstarter, and received funding for joining startup accelerator Techstars in Boulder where Revolar participated in a 3 month intensive program. Currently, Revolar is participating in the Techstars Retail startup accelerator, which is partnered with Target.

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