Company Profile: Stackup

Founded in 2015 by Nick Garvin, Denver startup Stackup is a Google Chrome extension that securely measures your time on the web and then automatically scores and categorizes that time into 60 subject areas: from aerospace to zoology. 


The easy-to-install browser extension captures and scores your engagement anywhere online. But don't worry--the Stackup stacker can be turned on or off at anytime, keeps all your information private (it also allows you to delete anything at anytime), and lets you share only what you want from your profile. 

The idea came up when founder Nick Garvin was applying for a job at Tesla Motors. He spent thousands of hours online researching the automotive industry, yet there was no documentation of all the work he put in for the job. This frustration led to Stackup.

Garvin said, "[I] couldn't put on my resume "I know a lot about cars, trust me." That is how I dreamt up StackUp, a means to help capture all the learning done online." 

The technology has multiple uses: job seeking, teaching and reading in the classroom, and increased productivity. Job seekers can use their Stackup profiles to show employees how much time they've put into reading, learning, and researching areas. According to their website, Stackup is quickly becoming a new standard for hiring managers. 


Teachers and students are another main user of Stackup, as it is used to track independent reading in and out of the classroom. Teachers are able to keep track of how much time students spend actually reading on their devices by subject area and specific websites. Teachers can also create challenges for students and watch their progression in live time. 

Finally, Stackup is used to increase productivity. Users can monitor their online reading habits and then see how they actually spend their time online. Stackup wants to help motivate users to become more productive reading online by rewarding them for accomplishments.