Company Profile: Sugarwish

Gift giving isn't an easy task. We've all struggled to find the perfect gift, and we've all received gifts that were less than thrilling. But it's the thought that counts, right? 

Denver-based startup, Sugarwish, aims to change the gift experience. 

Sugarwish is the first and only e-commerce candy giving site that offers complete customization. The giver purchases a candy box on the website, which then sends an eCard to the receiver. The receiver then chooses the kind of candy they want in their box, and gets their customized gift 3-5 days later.

"We thought, 'what if we could create that feeling and experience that wasn't about receiving candy--but picking that candy--that kid in a candy store experience,' we might have something." ~co-founder Elisabeth Vezzani told the Denver Business Journal

The company was started in November 2012 by Elisabeth Vezzani and Leslie Lyon. The two moms said they were tired of giving impersonal gift cards and gift certificates for every celebration, and felt as if the thoughtfulness of gift giving was gone. Rather than simply giving money back and forth (via gift cards), Sugarwish allows the giver to choose the gift (candy) and the receiver to choose the details of the gift. It's more personalized and exciting for both parties, plus, who doesn't love candy?   

On top of birthdays and holidays, Sugarwish also has a corporate platform, launched in February, designed for companies that want to send customized candy boxes to employees, clients and customers. The Sugarwish corporate platform offers companies monthly billing options and volume discounts, custom eCards, and a company page to manage orders. The founders credit their growth to the platform, saying corporate interest has been "tremendous," signing up 3-5 new companies everyday.

Additionally, Sugarwish has also had great success in the media. The company specifically points to Instagram as one of their most popular platforms, since users love to upload photos of their personalized candy gifts (which are beautifully delivered). The company has also been on the Today Show twice, and mentioned in dozens of magazines including People, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping.