Company Profile: Tendril

Headquartered and started in Boulder, Tendril is a leading provider of energy-focused consumer engagement solutions. The company partners up with forward-thinking energy providers and delivers a complete understanding of their individual consumers. Tendril's platform aims to redefine the energy industry by putting the consumer at the center of everything. 

According to a Tendril press release, Tendril provides the "only flexible, scalable, enterprise-class software platform that connects the providers and consumers of energy products and services." The platform leads their customers, energy providers, towards solutions to better acquire, engage and activate their customers, giving them a competitive advantage. 

Tendril was founded in 2004 by Tim Enwall, who saw the potential for a more efficient way of managing homes. He wanted homeowners to see and understand their energy usage and foster engagement between the providers and their customers.

Tendril has delivered 31,000,000 home energy reports to date, with a 90% overall satisfaction rate of said reports. Additionally, the company has been awarded a Top Workplace recognition for the past three years, and opened offices in Denver, Rotterdam and Melbourne. However, the journey of Tendril was not always easy, the company had to reevaluate, redesign and downsize in early 2012

Since then, the company has been more focused and recently released an already highly- praised app: Tendril MyHome. The application was launched just this past June, and is the first of its kind. Tendril MyHome can be integrated with any utility management program to put the power of energy management in the hands of individuals. The app provides all the information consumers need to know about their energy usage. Companies can send notifications, like outage alerts, bill notifications, and usage alerts, as well as chat with their customers in real time.