Company Profile: Wayin

Company Profile: Wayin

Founded right here in Denver, by none other than former co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy, Wayin helps businesses keep up with the increasingly changing trends and the digitalization of marketing.

The company helps brands create unique, interactive marketing experiences that activating and engage consumers across all digital platforms. Their self-service platform gives brands greater value and control over their personalized campaigns by allowing them to gain audience insights that ignite consumer action. 

Wayin's inspiration came from watching marketing tactics and campaigns shift from traditional to digital. The company website says,

Consumer decisions are no longer influenced by megaphone marketing. Marketers must now create participatory brand experiences to earn trust and influence the path to purchase. And data capture needs to be at the heart of customer experiences in order to drive measurable ROI. 

Therefore, the company filled the need for a fast, effcient, and easy-to-use platfrom to help brands make this digital shift. Their platform not only allows for the creation and customization of interactive, integrated campaigns, but also offers data and analytics on audience interests and behaviors, real-time market trends, past campaign performance, and more. Wayin's client list is quite impressive, with some of the world's biggest brands using their platform including Coca-Cola, CNN, The Denver Broncos, The NHL, and Universal Pictures—just to name a few. 


Their superior client list is only part of Wayin’s success, the company has also raised $49.63M in equity funding since 2011, named a “Gazelle,” by the Denver Office of Economic Development, and has been featured countless times in international news and tech channels.  

Learn more about Wayin here, and if you're really excited about their mission to redefine campaign experiences, check out their careers video below.