Company Profile: Healthgrades

Denver based company, Healthgrades, is giving you piece of mind by providing comprehensive, relevant information to pick the right physician at the right hospital. 

Healthgrades, founded in 1998, is on a mission to help users find the right doctor and the right hospital, for the right care. The leading online medical information resource answers the questions most of us forget to ask when looking for a physician and hospital: what's the physicians mortality rate? How many surgeries have they done in the past six months, and what was the success rate? How many had complications? 

Healthgrades wants consumers to know more about their surgeons and doctors than just their credentials available online. The company believes in transparency and quality for healthcare, integrating three factors that physicians cite as most important when selecting a provider:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Experience match 
  • Quality of the hospital.

These factors are used to help users determine their next step. Healthgrades believes that finding the right physician, hospital, and care should rely on qualitative and quantitative data--leveraging on the same general principles as companies like Airbnb, for example. The company is moving to decrease complete reliance of healthcare decisions on word-of-mouth. 

Beyond their main online database, Healthgrades also publishes rating of hospitals for different areas nationwide relying on similar factors. Healthgrades also recently launched their Risk IQ assessment tool to help patients calculate their own individualized risk (of death or complications) to six of the most common surgical procedures. 

Additionally, Healthgrades helps healthcare professionals accurately represent their practice and connect with patients. With an average of one million users everyday, care providers and hospitals gain relevance, new patients, and recommendations through Healthgrades.