Company Profile: P2Binvestor

P2Binvestor offers a better line of credit to small and medium businesses. 

The Denver-based crowdlending platform for working capital offers loans funded by a variety of accredited investors and facilitates the lending and reporting process. This allows their clients to focus more on driving their business revenues and less on managing their cash flows.

"It's really for companies who are in-between series A and their bank funding, they want to fund their growth, but they don't want to give up more equity," said co-founder and COO Krista Morgan. "It's debt-based funding rather than equity funding. We're just taking that Kickstarter model and applying it to lending." 

P2Binvestor (P2Bi) receives loans from investors and then re-lends the money to companies that need short-term cash to fund their operations. 

The company recognized how small and medium businesses have such limited, almost nonexistent, access to capital, and wanted to change that. They believes that clients and companies like their clients, are "the engines for growth in our economy," so giving them access to real capital that doesn't limit them, and can grow with them, is essential. 

P2Bi was founded in 2012 by Morgan and her father, Bruce Morgan. Since then, the company has been featured in multiple local and national news sources, including ForbesColoradoBiz, and Inc. Magazine. Not only has the company been praised and noted for their innovative platform and local partnerships, but Krista Morgan has multiple features as an expert young entrepreneur. 

Morgan is also highly involved in the tech community, speaking regularly to the community, mentoring other female entrepreneurs, and cohosting the Women Who Startup Radio podcast.