Denverite is here

A new kind of news just launched in Denver: Denverite

Denverite is a digital-only news source that will provide readers with Denver-specific information that actually matters. Launched June 14, the mission of Denverite is to deliver all the news and information people in the greater Denver area need to help make the city a great place to live. 

Denverite was founded by the unnamed media startup group made up of Kevin Ryan, Gordon Crovitz, and Jim Friedlich. All three founders have exceedingly impressive backgrounds in jounrnalism: Ryan is the founder of Business Insider, Crovitz is a former Journal executive and runs Empirical Media, and Friedlich is the former publisher of The Wall Street Journal. The group hopes that Denver will be the first of many locally-focused, digital news sources. 

Denverite includes original reports on breaking news and local stories, but also has resources to help locals and tourists alike navigate the hidden or confusing systems and regulations in Denver and the state of Colorado. Denverite's editor, Dave Burdick, says, "We'll be pointing to everything we think is worth pointing to in Denver." 

It may sound more tourist-focused, but it offers information that matters for Denver natives, too. Current local, non-traditional news articles include "The arguments against Colorado's teen pot optimism," "The 10 most dangerous Denver intersections for pedestrians," and "Get ready to see Von Miller Naked." There are also daily forecasts, and Colorado specific events that even Denver based publications don't cover.

In addition to the original content and resources Denverite provides, it also guides its readers to reporting and writing in the greater Denver area. 

Ryan, Crovitz, and Friedlich aim to revive journalism with their new project by going completely digital, and focusing on the right product for the right audience. Denver was seen by the group as a perfect starting point, it's in the top six fastest growing cities in the U.S., and ranked the #1 American city to live in. With everything Denver has going for it, the group knew residents of the greater Denver area would be looking to navigate the city better and take advantage of everything it has to offer.