Company Profile: GoSpotCheck

Company Profile: GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck is a mobile data collection platform that helps businesses gather actionable information from the field.

If their business description still doesn't mean much to you, you're not alone. GoSpotCheck's software is specifically for business managers, field team members, and retail intelligence. Ultimately, GoSpotCheck allows field teams to report critical intelligence back to headquarters through an automated, unified platform allowing businesses to make better decisions, faster. 

Companies spend millions of dollars investing in field teams and their reporting. Traditionally, teams have used a number of "clunky and ineffective," tools to do their reporting. GoSpotCheck wanted to get rid of the clipboards, offline spreadsheets, and photosharing and give businesses one platform to report and review all field data. 


With their software, users can create, report, and analyze all relevant data in one, organized place through their mobile or web application. Users begin by creating "missions," to deploy to their field teams, such as surveys, reports or audits. Then, based on GPS location, team members are assigned nearby missions. Through their GoSpotCheck app, field teams can complete missions and capture photos in the field that will be instantly uploaded to the specific mission, allowing supervisors to view data and photos in real-time. 


The company was founded by Joey Alfano, Samantha Holloway, and Matt Talbot, and part of the Techstars accelerator program in Boulder of 2011. The three co-founders came in with a completely different business idea: a rental service for maternity clothing. However, halfway through the program, they had to pivot. Talbot said in an interview to 5280 Magazine

There was really no way you could make money doing it in a scalable way because of the complexities when you add in style and size requirements. 

With about six weeks left in the accelerator program, Talbot, Holloway, and Alfano had to conceive an entirely new company: GoSpotCheck. 

Since then, the company has been thriving. In 2014, GoSpotCheck was selected as one of the ten local startups invited to Google's Demo Day in California. One of the panelists for demo day happened to be none other than AOL's Steve Case, who wrote GoSpotCheck a check for $100,000 as part of his Rise of the Rest tour. 

As of September 2016, GoSpotCheck has raised $26 million. Learn more about GoSpotCheck here