Clinton praises Patriot Boot Camp

The city of Denver has been buzzing about Hillary Clinton's visit to the Galvanize Golden Triangle campus in Denver on Tuesday, June 28. The excitement from the presidential candidate's appearance was spread nationwide as she toured the campus, talked with Galvanize leadership, and unveiled her innovation and technology agenda for economic growth. 

Additionally, during that time, Clinton also sat down with two Galvanized-based organizations: PanXChange and Patriot Boot Camp.  

Patriot Boot Camp is a non-profit that equips military members, veterans, and their spouses with the resources they need to be successful tech entrepreneurs, and was praised by Clinton in her highly anticipated speech: 

"I want to thank Josh Anderson, CEO of Patriot Boot Camp, for working on another set of challenges, and that is how we do a much, much better job creating employment pathways for out vets--something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about and working on.
Using Patriot Boot Camp as an example, and given the results you've had, gives me a lot of hope that we can do a much better job for our vets. And that's something that I am 100 percent committed to."

In their time with Clinton, Patriot Boot Camp leadership was able to bring their successful program to Clinton's attention and contribute to the discussion on the international issue. 

Code Talent was lucky enough to have Patriot Boot Camp's Josh Anderson stop by and tell us about the experience. Anderson expressed how grateful the entire PBC team was for Clinton's kind and encouraging words:

"We are honored to have the generous support of leaders at the national level, like Secretary Clinton. We share her sentiment that demonstrable results, which result in creating real opportunities for our service members, are all that really matter. 
Patriot Boot Camp can only create broad and tangible impacts with the support of our federal, state, and local economic leaders."
Hillary Clinton and Josh Anderson at Galvanize

Hillary Clinton and Josh Anderson at Galvanize

Patriot Boot Camp is currently located in Denver and Austin and was founded through Techstars Boulder. The group is on a mission: addressing the gaps in support military members, veterans, and their spouses often encounter as technology entrepreneurs with education, resources, and community.