Rachio: the ultimate sprinkler controller

With Colorado's bipolar weather and confused seasons, keeping your yard healthy and watered correctly can be challenging. Luckily, Denver-based Rachio has been working since 2012 to give you direct control of your sprinklers and watering bill. 

Not only does Rachio allow users to update and adjust sprinkler schedules and settings right from their smartphones, but it also ensures the right amount of water at the right time—all while reducing your outdoor watering bill by up to 50%. Rachio takes into account local forecasts, soil, plant types, sun exposure, and more to create a customized schedule for each lawn. The wi-fi enabled system will also adjust itself for weather, like skipping a cycle on a day it's rained, for instance. 

As of December 7, 2016. Via Rachio. 

As of December 7, 2016. Via Rachio. 

The company is dedicated to enriching the home experience while intelligently contributing to a sustainable future—and demonstrated through their reported 2,095,287,420 gallons of water saved with Rachio, we'd say they're right on track.

The smart sprinkler is only the beginning for Rachio, co-founders Chris Klein and Franz Garsombk plan to continue building the technology to ensure sustainability in the home and yard. 


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