Company Profile: ReadyTalk

Company Profile: Ready Talk

ReadyTalk is a Denver-based company on a mission to build great audio and web conferencing technology. 

Founded in 2000, the company provides these communication services to allow users to focus on the meetings rather than the technology behind it. It's common to experience faulty connections, blurry video, or spend large chucks of the day learning how to use a new software. ReadyTalk's services, on the other hand, are highly reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable. Even more reassuring, one of ReadyTalk's main objectives is to provide remarkable customer support, leaving you thinking, "Wow that was great customer service!" 

ReadyTalk knows the growing WFH trend is growing rapidly. Leadership has recognized that the 9-5 work day is fading, and people now expect to be able to work from anywhere in the world with seamless collaboration wherever they are, on any device. Dan King, CEO and co-founder at ReadyTalk said in an interview

 “The Future of Work means you determine where you work, how you work, who you connect with (one person or one thousand people), and the tools you use—technology is everywhere you already are. Collaboration is the new normal and we expect ReadyTalk will be the product people use.”
Dan King, ReadyTalk CEO and Co-founder. 

Dan King, ReadyTalk CEO and Co-founder. 

As the digital and mobile workforce increase, ReadyTalk is here and ready to take it on. The company was ranked as one of the fastest growing companies for five consecutive years (beginning in 2007), named one of the best places to work by Outside Magazine (2014, 2015) and COBizJournal (2015), as well as a winner of the 2015 Silver STEVIE award for sales and customer service.

With all their success and future-focused leadership, the team at Code can't wait to see what's next for ReadyTalk. Click here to learn more about ReadyTalk.