Getting the most out of Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week is one of the most epic events in Denver, celebrating our entrepreneurial spirit. It's also packed with tons of panels, events, discussions, and demos. Here are a few tips to navigate the busy week. 

1. Plan Ahead 

The week is packed with tons of awesome (and free) discussions, speakers, panels, and events. In order to get the most out of the experience, we suggest looking over the schedule now and getting a general idea of your week. Plus, with events scattered around the city, having a general route planned will keep you sane and punctual. 

2. Sign Up for Mentor Office Hours

Over 40 of Colorado's top entrepreneurs are volunteering their time and talent to meet with Denver Startup Week attendees. Sign up here for a 20 minute, one-on-one meeting with a mentor and get individualized advice from some of the most successful leaders of the Colorado startup community. 

3. Sign Up for Biz Dev Days 

Similar to mentor office hours, Biz Dev Days allows you to meet with some of the most exciting, larger companies in the area to pitch potential partnership ideas, get feedback on products, and develop your network. Sign up here for a 15 minute slot and showcase your company to some of the biggest names in Denver! 

4. Check Out Basecamp 

Basecamp is the central hub of Denver Startup Week, hosting programs, happy hour events, advising sessions and more! Be sure to stop by and meet new people, refuel with some coffee and snacks, and check out the main center of the entire event. 

5. Party at Union Station 

Don't miss the Denver Startup Week Opening Party on Monday, September 12! Party with over 1,000 community members in the heart of Denver and get psyched for an awesome week ahead.