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Denver DevOps Meetup

  • Code Talent 3412 Blake Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Two awesome presentations!



SumoLogic - Using Kubernetes to power customer demo environments.

Kubernetes is dominating the container orchestration market, and companies everywhere are adopting it to power their containerized workloads. It is a very versatile platform and can do much more than orchestrate your containerized services and applications. At Sumo Logic, we have been using Kubernetes to power our product demo environment used by our Sales Engineers. It has allowed us to create a reliable, comprehensive self-service environment to demo our product. In this talk, we will walk thru the needs of our demo environment, why we choose Kubernetes and dive into what we built as well as what we have learned along the way.
Frank @ SumoLogic


Ever had a bug that only shows its head in production? Ever wanted to ask arbitrary questions about your software while it is running with minimal impact on performance? In this talk, we go beyond pre-defined instrumentation and look at various techniques of gathering information about your application to help you solve your production woes. Topics include:

- How to ask good questions, and get good answers.
- Securely running a container in your cluster for probing your application.
- How to use eBPF/BCC tools to gather data without impacting performance.
- Techniques for using ptrace/debuggers when all else fails.
- Knowing when to *not* use these tools and how to better instrument your code in advance of a production issue.

With these tools and techniques you will be better equipped to understand your software and solve the problems you'll face in production.

Jason @ Pivotal

Information about Denver DevOps:

Lets meet up and discuss the current projects we are all working on and be social.

Where Development and Operations come together. A Denver based meet up for the SysAdmin/DevOps community.

New permanent location thanks to the guys at Code Talent! We will be meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

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