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Front Range Front-End (Denver)

  • Code Talent 3412 Blake Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Front Range Front-End



"Wait a second," you may be saying, "Grid is fancy and new, not a 'little-known CSS basic' topic!"

In this talk, we'll take a different position. CSS Grid is certainly a new way to create web layouts, but it ought to be treated as a basic foundational skill. Previous layout methods (floats, inline-blocks) were all a bit of a workaround - they got the job done, but required a handful of seemingly unconnected CSS declarations that were often hard to remember and felt tricky.

CSS Grid, however, is a layout model designed to be a powerful, direct way to code layouts without workarounds or hacks. It's been a popular topic at CSS conferences for few years, but practically, many devs only have a surface understanding of it.

In this talk, we'll look at the CSS Grid model, the CSS properties that control it, how to deploy with adequate IE11 support, and how to code a number of practical layouts (both common & complex) with Grid!

*NOTE: Dinner will be provided this meetup: thanks to Skookum for reaching out and offering some pizza sponsorship! Check them out at

More Information about us:

We're a monthly meetup for front-end developers in Denver & its suburbs! Come learn about:

• HTML: accessibility, semantic markup
• CSS: new techniques, tools like PostCSS & Sass
• JS: vanilla JS, browser APIs, not frameworks
• Design: UX, UI, pattern libraries, animation
• Performance: image optimization, SVG, refactoring

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