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Denver Microservices

  • Code Talent 3412 Blake Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Microservices from Experience - Tim Schmelmer


For our April meeting, we have Tim Schmelmer back for a talk on Microservices from Experience. Tim gave us an awesome talk last April and we are excited to have him back.

6:00-6:30: Networking and Food
Food sponsors for this month are Ibotta and Okta.

6:30-6:40: Announcements

6:40-8:00: Microservices from Experience
After attempting to define what Microservices actually are (and juxtaposing them to what they are decidedly not), this talk takes a look at the history of Microservices through the lens of the companies that pioneered this architectural pattern. We will explore several pitches for why one should adopt them, followed by giving equal time and space to the pitfalls and reasons to avoid Microservices. Then we will discuss the rules of engagement that should be followed when introducing them into your tech stack before we close out by weighing the options for the stage of the system at which to adopt this pattern (greenfield vs. legacy replacement).

About Tim Schmelmer
After abandoning his childhood dream of becoming a firefighter, Tim Schmelmer did the next best thing and became a software developer. He has spent the past 21.5 years extinguishing fires while working for technology consulting companies, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, building control systems for research telescopes, and selling things to people via a web browser and mobile apps. Tim found his love for building microservices systems while working at,, and Uber, and he has most recently joined a team that does surprisingly little firefighting while building and maintaining Salesforce’s Trailhead learning platform. When he is not hacking away on his keyboard, or trying to be a good husband, father of two girls, and tamer of an overly energetic puppy, Tim loves to run, bike, and hike in the mountains near beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

8:00-whenever: Drinks/Socializing

Information about Denver Microservices

We are a community of like-minded software engineers that come together to decouple monolithic and spaghetti architectures. Microservices architecture is enabled by a spectrum of tools categories but is primarily an architectural approach to system design that also requires considerable organizational and cultural adjustment to execute successfully. This meetup is for people interested in architecting, designing, deploying, and maintaining mircoservice based architectures. 

Earlier Event: April 24
Later Event: April 26
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