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Denver DevOps Meetup

  • Code Talent 3412 Blake Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Escape the Tar Pit with a Service Mesh with Andrew Jenkins


Software is complex, but we can't seem to stop creating it. That's because the complexity we build into our software is also the part that solves our users' interesting problems. We can't eliminate complexity but, good news, we can organize it.
A classic framework from a paper called Out of the Tar Pit is a great start. Andrew will explain how his team uses Kubernetes and Istio to escape some of the tar pit muck. By building on top of common code and infrastructure, you can move complexity to Shared Accidental Complexity layers that you share with your team, your company and your open source community.
But a shared layer that promises everything for everyone is likely to have immense complexity compounded many times over. Andrew will share lessons learned moving a hosted service on top of Istio.

Speaker bio: Andrew is a software and network architect for container environments like Kubernetes. He has a history of technical leadership driving fast-moving teams towards tangible outcomes. Expertise includes software development in C++, JavaScript (node.js), Python, C, Go and Java. Andrew also has experience in software and hardware testing, FPGA and board design for space scientific instruments. He is currently the Senior Architect for Aspen Mesh, building out an enterprise service mesh to help organizations take the burden out of managing microservices.

Information about Denver DevOps:

Lets meet up and discuss the current projects we are all working on and be social.

Where Development and Operations come together. A Denver based meet up for the SysAdmin/DevOps community.

New permanent location thanks to the guys at Code Talent! We will be meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

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