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IT for Non-Traditional Learners

  • Code Talent 3412 Blake Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

What is AIOps? Ansible and Elasticsearch integration



Its just a buzzword. My friends at ASG have been implementing IT solutions that can be described as "AIOps" for a while now. Personally I like the term "Automation/Analytics platforms" better as these solutions add value even without AI/ML. But whatever, these terms take on a life of their own. IT-NTL is hosting ASG to share what we've been doing in this space. Dusty Smith (CTO), Chad Rodgers (principle architect), and Anthony Sayre (presence monkey) will talk about what the latest buzzword AIOps really means, why we use Ansible and ElasticSearch integrated approach to automation/analysis platforms, and what the enormous benefits to IT organizations really is for this technology. Real world use cases, architectural design, discussion and demo! Practical benefits: IT operational efficiency, managing legacy and cloud resources together, application performance, improved security, big data aggregation/correlation for business insight. Tech now permeates all aspects of business—regardless of your role, this will be a worthwhile evening. We'll also have folks from our extended tech community who are a lot of fun to hang out with (more info below). Who Should Attend?\ • System administrators • Database administrators • DevOps engineers • Data Scientists • Business analysts • Application engineers • Web developers • IT managers • Business leaders of all kinds Free Food (vegan option available) and Drink (alcoholic and non) schedule: 6:00 - 6:30PM – socialize 6:30PM - 8:00PM presentation, demo, discussion 8:00 - 9:00PM - more socialize Who else will be there from our community? Colorado Red Hat Users Group - Denver ( Equili ( IT For Non-Traditional Learners ( Software Freedom School ( Elastic Search (

What we're about

IT-NTL is all about classes, workshops, and community, focused on building professional skills using Linux and other free software... Meetup Partner Groups:

Software Freedom School in Denver (SFS)

Co RedHat users group Denver (

Denver Microservices

IT-NTL target audience:

1) New to IT (or peripherally involved in IT)

2) Jr Systems Administrators or aspiring full-stack developers

3) Experienced admins or full-stack developers looking to expand skills to adjacent areas

4) SMEs seeking to assist others

Many of us know we need more tech skills for the future but don't have much time or money to pursue, or not sure where to start. There are a lot of new applications and technologies and some of us could use help cutting through the hype and get to the real work of learning so we don’t get left behind by modern IT requirements for the future job market.

This group is for anyone looking for a way to learn '3rd Platform / next gen' tech (Linux, Ansible, Docker, AWS, Azure, Openstack, JSON, etc...)… without paying tens of thousands of dollars and without having to quit your normal life for months.
We'll have some experts on-hand, do workshops on everything from basics of Linux for beginners to more advanced automation, no-SQL database, object storage.
We’ll look at Linux, AWS and Azure, as well as Openstack and discuss open source vs commercial cloud services, relational databases vs no-SQL, etc…
The idea is to get more familiar with several different components of IT that are new and can be a jumping off point for more.
Pre-requisite: Just need a laptop with internet, windows or Linux distro and a willingness to learn and participate. Those with at least a little familiarity with coding and computing principles will benefit most initially but this meetup is for everyone!

Earlier Event: August 16
Later Event: August 28