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Domain Driven Design (DDD) Denver

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Workshop - Refactoring Legacy Systems - Part 2 - Josh Maletz 

We will take a look at a large system that has worked well for its owner. The owners of Acme Pet Care have several new opportunities they would like to pursue, but the existing system can't quite handle the newly desired functionality.

We will look at ways to employ DDD to modify the design of the existing system and allow the owners to pivot based on these new opportunities. This will be a guided workshop meetup. First, we'll spend a few minutes going over the problem domain while looking at the existing system and the new business opportunities we'd like to pursue. We will then break into groups around the new opportunities and explore ways of modifying the system, employing the strategic and tactical DDD patterns, producing high-level roadmaps showing how we will get from point A to point B. We'll then get back together and present our findings to the group.

In Part 2, we will specifically look at code samples to drive our redesign effort.


• 6:30 PM - Food & drink (including alcohol) provided and conversation 

• 7:00 PM - Announcements

• 7:05 PM - Workshop Intro

• 7:15 PM - Split and explore

• 7:45 PM - Regroup and Discuss designs

• 8:30 PM - End

About DDD: 

This is a group for those interested in learning about and adopting DDD, and includes a number of experienced domain-driven design (DDD) practitioners. Our goal is to encourage building a DDD culture in the mile-high region, within its organizations and their teams, and helping you follow through with successful implementations. Our name says Denver, but we have members attending from along the front range, including Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.

Our group includes those who have practiced the tenets of DDD for decades and who have adopted the more formal patterns and practices established by Eric Evans in his book, Domain-Driven Design--Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software. Some of our practitioners regularly teach DDD Immersion, present at conferences, mentor and consult, and write on the subject.

Join us for discussions on topics such as realizing business value from DDD, how to build a DDD culture, overcoming barriers to good design, and successfully implementing DDD.


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