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Rocky Mountain Angular August Meetup

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We'll start from the basics of what protractor is and how to make sure your system is set up.

Then we'll also cover: 
1. Config options(there's alot!) 
2. best practices to write tests
3. how to organize code
4. Do's and Don'ts(unfortunately there are a lot of don'ts but I'll save you the headache!) 
5. run some examples
6. how to debug protractor tests

 About Rocky Mountain Angular: 

This is a group devoted to the exploration, understanding, and practical application of the AngularJS development framework. We'll organize regularly scheduled meetings that dive deep into every aspect of AngularJS, its place in the development ecosystem, and provide an opportunities to learn the best way possible... by coding with our peers. We welcome developers, managers, designers, and anyone else who is interested learning more about the "Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework" from Google.