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Monthly DenverScript Meetup

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Whats going on in JavaScript Land? (20min)

We'll be talking about new/exciting things going on in the industry. If you have something you think we should mention, feel free to tweet us @DenverScript.

Presentation(30 - 45min): 

Becoming a maker: Microcontrollers and JavaScript using Johnny-Five - Matt Webb

Have you ever had an idea that could only take life outside of the browser but you never followed it through because it seemed too hard build/prototype it? Most developers don’t consider themselves makers because they don’t know how to create hardware.  

Things we'll cover: 

* What is an microcontroller?  
* What hardware basics should you learn?  
* What is Johnny-Five.js?  
* Setting Johnny-Five up with Arduino and Tessel 2  
* Cut the usb cord and run J5 standalone on Tessel 2  
* Demos with both Arduino and Tessel 2


We'll have beer and pizza! We'll also allow people to announce any job opportunities they may have at that time so you can socialize with potential applicants.

Earlier Event: August 18
Later Event: August 24
FEI & SIM Alliance Morning Meeting