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  • Code Talent 3412 Blake Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States (map)

Monthly DenverScript Meetup

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What's going on in JavaScript Land? (20 min) 

We'll be talking about new/exciting things going on in the industry. If you have something you think we should mention, feel free to tweet us @DenverScript. 

Shorter Presentation(10 - 15min):

Webpack Demystified - Keji Amos

Webpack is a really useful tool for bundling your applications. Setting it up on the otherhand, that can be a little bit daunting at first. Here's what I've been told about webpack, "Don't create your own config, just copy a boilerplate." or "It's a magical black box that bundles your files. Understanding each line isn't really necessary." Well, in this talk we're going to create our own webpack config and through that process learn what our webpack config is actually doing.

Keji is a Turing graduate and before entering the world of software developement he worked in IT at STRIVE Prepatory Schools, a local charter school network. When Keji isn't deep in the weeds of coding and learning you can find him looking for the next great bite in Denver or running around one of Denver's many parks.

Longer Presentation(20 - 30min):

Beyond basic audio with Web Audio API - Brandon Barrett

A tour of the key concepts of the Web Audio API with some simple examples that illustrate how one could approach implementation of advanced use-cases involving audio in the browser such as mixing, wave manipulation, and music visualization.

Brandon writes Javascript at VictorOps and is a massive internet technology fanboy. 


We'll have beer and pizza! We'll also allow people to announce any job opportunities they may have at that time so you can socialize with potential applicants.

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