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Node.js for beginners: Why so Asynchronous? 

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**Located in our NEW location on 3412 Blake Street. Come around back for parking & enter through the garage doors! 

Speaker: Ryan Ciecalone is a Developer who is passionate about Full Stack JavaScript Web Development. He works at Polaris Alpha in Colorado Springs. Connect with him on Twitter @RyanCiecalone

Talk: Node.js for beginners - Why so Asynchronous???

This talk will help you get started with Node.js. It's fast and scalable. It's great for APIs, andit has a popular package manager, NPM. We'll go over when to use Node.js and then take a look at its strengths and weaknesses. We'll demo some code samples and start a server with Node. You'll get a look at what framework to use, be it something like Express or Koa, and learn about middleware. You'll also get a list of where to go to get started with Node.js. If you've been curious about Node.js but haven't taken the leap, come and find out - Why so Asynchronous???



  • 6:30: pizza, beer, networking
  • 7:00: talk 
  • 7:45: questions
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