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Monthly DenverScript Meetup

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What's going on in JavaScript Land? (20 min)

We'll be talking about new/exciting things going on in the industry.

Short Presentation (25 min)

Bringing Back the 1990s: The Revenge of JavaScript Style Sheets—Steve Kinney

JavaScript Style Sheets (JSSS) was a technology introduced by Netscape in 1996. Chances are, you've never heard of JSSS, since it was available in Netscape Communicator 4.0. They allowed you to define custom styling rules for your web pages. You're probably more familiar with its competitor at the time—CSS. They were pretty cool though. JSSS allowed the developer to style the DOM using a full programming language with variables, conditionals, and functions. 

The obvious spoiler alert here is that CSS won and JSSS lost, right? It's not that simple. A lot of the ideas from JSSS have slowly been creeping back into our toolset. SASS brought programming logic back into styling our applications. CSS picked up variables and the ability to do calculations. Finally, the React community has been—maybe unknowingly—bringing JSSS back from the dead. In this talk, we'll take a good hard look at JSSS and the ways in which JSSS has had enduring legacy after its untimely demise. 

Long Presentation (30 — 40 min) 

Practical PureScript—Brandon Konkle

PureScript is a pure functional language that compiles to JavaScript. It introduces sound and expressive types heavily inspired by Haskell and compositional programming. Learn why this is a good thing and practical ways to begin incorporating PureScript in your existing projects, including examples in multiple frameworks. 

Brandon Konkle is a front-end engineer with nearly a decade of experience creating dynamic web applications. He recently launched Ecliptic, a consulting team focused on React and React Native. 


We'll have beer and pizza! We'll also allow people to announce job opportunities they may have at that time so you can socialize with potential applicants. 


Earlier Event: April 20
Later Event: April 26
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