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  • 3412 Blake Street (map)

Steal JS Workshop

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In this hands-on training, we will learn how to build a multi-page, progressively loaded site, that uses hot-module swapping with the StealJS module loader. Let's break that down: 

  • Multi-page: listen to when the URL changes and show different content to the user. 
  • Progressively loaded: load only the JS and CSS required for a particular page. 
  • Hot-module swapping: when a file changes, the UI is automatically updated. No more reloading! 
  • Module loader: StealJS loads JS and other code like Webpack, RequireJS, and browserify. Module loaders help organize a project's scripts and build into minified scripts that load in production quickly. 

We'll StealJS to: 

  • Set up a project from scratch.
  • Install and import other packages from npm, including jQuery. 
  • Make and test a mini application. 
  • Create modules in the ES6 and CommonJS formats. 
  • Organize your modules using the modlet workflow - adding tests, docs, and demo pages.
  • Build your application to production. 
  • Export modules to other formats and publish your module to NPM. 

*Held at Code's NEW location: 3412 Blake Street. See you there! 


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