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Operational Excellence with Microservices

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For our April meeting, we are excited to have Tim Schmelmer coming to speak on Operational Excellence with Microservices: on the impact of supporting a widely distributed system on your team's structure, processes, and choice of tools. 

6:00-6:30: Networking and Food

6:30-6:40: Announcements

6:40-8:00: Operational Excellence with Microservices—Tim Schmelmer

Successfully developed and launched  software  spends  the  vast  majority  of  its lifecycle  in  a  state  where  it  needs maintenance  and  support.  In  an  environment  where  the number  of  services  can  easily  outnumber  the  number  of developers  in  your  engineering  organization,  it  is  business-critical  that  operational  support  runs  efficiently  and effectively, without impacting the productivity and retention rate of your engineering staff.  

This  talk  will  look  at  the  processes,  and  some  of  the  available  tools to  help  with  achieving  excellence  in supporting your services. The speaker will intersperse the discussion and recommendations with examples to underline the lessons learned from many years of experience of being on-call. 

About Tim Schmelmer: After abandoning his childhood dream of becoming an actual firefighter, Tim Schmelmer did the next best thing and became a software developer. He has spent the past 20 years extinguishing fires while working for technology consulting companies, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, building control systems for research telescopes, selling things to people via a Web browser and mobile apps, and making sure your ride-share driver finds the quickest route to you. Tim found his love for building microservices systems while working at, and he has since been on a mission to help teams to do as little firefighting as possible while building and maintaining service-based platforms. When he is not hacking away on his keyboard, or trying to be a good husband, father of two girls and tamer of an overly energetic puppy, Tim loves to run, bike, and hike in the mountains near beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

8:00-whenever: Drinks/Socializing

Earlier Event: April 25
Later Event: April 27
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