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GraphQL—The People's Query 

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Talk: GraphQL—The People's Query

You may have heard whispers of GraphQL being the latest hot technology in API development. Created internally by Facebook in 2012 and released to the public in 2015, GraphQL is a query language tailored towards making relational data easier to fetch. 

In this talk, we'll discuss the history and purpose of GraphQL, common misconceptions about GraphQL, and setting up GraphQL in a Node/Express back-end. We'll also take a look at GraphQL's development tool GraphiQL and how it self-documents your resources. If you're curious about Graph QL and how to make working with relational data a breeze, join us! 

Speaker: Isaac Miller

Isaac Miller is a software engineer at Vertafore, a SaaS company serving the insurance industry. He enjoys working in Node, Express, AngularJS, Java, C# and Go. He's passionate about back-end development, Overwatch, and looking at pictures of dogs on the internet. You can find him on DenverDevs @isaacmiller. 

Earlier Event: June 13
Later Event: June 27