Start your career in Denver

Both WalletHub and Yahoo! Finance named Denver as a top city for recent graduates to start their careers. 

WalletHub ranked Denver as #2 city to start your career

On May 11, WalletHub published research naming Denver as the second best city to start a career. The study ranked Denver as #2 overall, #3 for "professional opportunities," and #14 for "quality of life." Salt Lake City was the only city out of the 150 studied to beat Denver, ranking #1 overall. 

WalletHub used 17 key metrics to compare the 150 largest cities in the United States. These metrics were used to determine the relative strength of the job market and the attractiveness of the social scene among other factors they found to be important to recent grads entering the job market.  



Yahoo! Finance ranked Denver as #3 best city to start your career

On June 10, Yahoo! Finance published a study called "5 of the best cities to start your career." Denver was ranked #3, after New York and Austin. 

The reasoning behind our high ranking came as no surprise. The study pointed to our booming startup scene--especially Denver Startup Week--and our high amount of millennials living in Denver. According to the US Census Bureau, Denver among the top 5 cities with the highest percentage of young adults ages 25-34. The study cited our millennials as driving the thriving social scene in Denver. 

Yahoo! Finance took all the factors recent grads considered when deciding where they want to work and live to determine these results. The top factors were salary, rent, public transportation and the city's social scene.