Company Profile: Printfection

Printfection is not the average swag creating company.  They’re disrupting the swag market by offering a full service solution to branding.  They offer a suite of tools easily accessible through their online platform. 

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They want your swag to be cool and beneficial to the purpose of your company to create ongoing success.  You can choose from a wide variety of items, add customization, and distribute each of them to wherever you need.  It's a real, impactful marketing plan we can get behind!

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Companies no longer have to deal with the hassle of managing their inventory and spend time packaging and shipping their merchandise.  Printfection handles it all from start to finish.

They have been honing their swag management since 2004!  What exactly is swag management?  It’s providing customizable merchandise.  Printfection wants your swag to benefit both the client AND the person receiving it.  They’re invested in helping each company’s campaign and/or event to be “highly effective at generating awareness and revenue”.   I bet each of us have received some type of promotional merchandise and either tossed it away or paid it little to no attention.  Printfection genuinely does not want that to happen to their clients.  They take pride in assisting and providing this full service swag model.

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If you're interested and want to request a demo, click here OR if you want to just check out their cool merchandise you can add your brand to, click here.