Derive Systems

Derive Systems is working to optimize and customize a vehicle's performance, offering tools for both businesses and individuals. These days, nearly every car is controlled through generic programming. Derive believes that drivers should have control over their vehicle's preferences, and gives them the solutions and resources to do just that. 

The company began in 2003 as Derive Efficiency, focusing on customization of fleet vehicles. In 2014, a merger between two other vehicle software companies—SCT Performance and Bully Dog Acquisitions— created Derive Systems. Derive Systems is now the parent company of SCT, Bully Dog, and Derive Efficiency, offering solutions to businesses and individuals. The merger led to rebranding for SCT Fleet Solutions and Bully Dog in terms of tools for fleets, but both companies kept their original brand names to offer individual solutions through Derive. 

Derive Efficiency customizes the software of fleet vehicles for savings and safety. Their solutions include speed limiters, fuel efficiency, law enforcement programming, and complete custom solutions. Fleet managers work directly with Derive Efficiency to meet the client's needs and create the perfect calibration for fleets. The company wants to shift the responsibility of efficient driving from the driver to the vehicle, and has proven successful: with over 1.5 million installations, Derive Systems has increased client fuel economy by 12% and reduced fuel idle consumption by 10-30%.

Derive Power, also created through the merger, is for individuals who want to "unlock the power of their ride." Derive Power offers SCT and Bully Dog solutions through the individual brands. SCT focuses on ECU calibration—the optimization of calibration tables for an engine. Bully Dog also focuses on ECU calibration, but while keeping big trucks and powersport vehicles at the center of their focus. 

Derive Systems believes that drivers should have control over their vehicles, rather than settling for the generic programming. Their solutions provide increased safety, decreased costs, and customization that fleet vehicles need and individuals are excited about.