Why Code Talent is the Top Technical Talent Agency in Denver—Written By a Former Intern

**This article is written from the point of view of a former intern and marketing manager at Code Talent. The writer has never done recruiting work for the firm and no longer works at Code.

01. Code is Small

The Code Talent team consists of 8 recruiters and an operations manager. Only 8 recruiters. This ensures that either you as a job seeker or your company gets treated like family. No assistants to patch you through, hundreds of recruiters hounding you, or corporate processes slowing you down. The recruiters here don't forget names, they know their clients well, and they know how to treat people throughout the hiring process. You'll always be able to contact your recruiter when needed, and get the information you need when you need it. 




02. Code is Well-Connected 

The recruiters at Code Talent know the Denver tech scene like the back of their hand. With some recruiters logging over 15+ years in the industry, the networks and relationships Code has with the entire Denver tech community is strong and developed.

The diversity of clients in the agency is also a major factor. Code works with some of the oldest, most established companies in the city, while also working with some of the coolest up-and-coming startups. No matter what position you or your company is looking for, Code Talent's connections and deep roots in the Denver community can help find the perfect fit. 

Partner Conor Swanson talking with Twitter. 

Partner Conor Swanson talking with Twitter. 

03. Code Knows Technology

Recruiters at Code Talent don't just throw around keywords in hopes of finding something. They actually know their stuff. All of the recruiters at Code have a deep understanding of the positions and skills for tech workers. Some employees even worked at their own tech startups before coming to Code, others have taken the time to learn and understand languages and skillsets. Either way, you're getting a knowledgeable technical recruiter who knows what they're talking about—not just throwing the word "JavaScript" around. 

04. Code Cares About a Good Candidate Experience 

Candidate experience is the way job seekers experience an employers' sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process. Here at Code, recruiters are with their candidates every step of the way, and do their best to ensure a positive experience—whether the candidate was hired or not. Code works hard to find the right people in the right way, update candidates and companies with information as timely as possible, and give constructive feedback to candidates to improve their next interview experience. 

05. Code Loves Denver 

From hosting dozens of meetups every month, to organizing Denver Startup Week, to meeting with important tech leaders in the community, Code Talent goes above and beyond to stay connected with Denver as a whole. Recruiters are not only constantly sharing new and exciting news about Denver with each other and their networks, but they're also out in the community participating and supporting the growing ecosystem. To top it off, Code's work with startups in the community help them find the right employees to grow and be successful.