Galvanize in the Big Apple

This week has been big for Denver's Galvanize. First a visit and praise from Hilary Clinton, and now a new campus in New York City

Galvanize is a network of modern campuses, providing tech communities education, workspace, workforce training, events, and networking all under one roof. Want to become a developer or data scientist? Galvanize. Want to take the next step in building your tech startup? Galvanize. 

The New York City campus will be the ninth campus for Galvanize and will be located in a 55,000 square foot space the Soho District. The new campus will offer the same resources as the other Galvanize campuses: hosting meetups and events, providing a workspace for startups and established companies, and offering classes and workshops.

Galvanize picked New York City due to it's thriving tech sector: representing 291,000 jobs and $30 billion wages yearly. Making the tech scene one of the fastest growing and highest paying scenes in the city.

CEO and co-founder, Jim Deters said: 

 "New York is an intellectual center and a growing tech metropolis, so it's a perfect place for the growing, high-energy, Galvanize learning community." 

The new campus is unique as it will also be another IBM Innovation Lab, in addition to the San Francisco campus, continuing the Galvanize collaboration with IBM. The lab is a physical hub where developers focus on cloud development and skills in fields, such as data science, within the financial tech sector and other industries. Developers can also work directly with IBM experts on Blue Mix--IBM's cloud platform. 

Plans for the new campus located on 315 Hudson Street:  

The grand opening of the New York City campus will be in 2017, until then, the campus is operating at the same address in a pop-up space. 

About Galvanize

Galvanize is a tech community offering education, workspace, and networking for students, founders, and professionals. Galvanize currently had nine campuses, 780+ graduates, 1,800+ members, and one bold vision of providing life-changing opportunities for growth. The Galvanize environment brings together and fuels developers, data scientists, and startup founders in one community of passionate, lifelong learners.

"We're a perfect home for those who need tech talent in their company and those who want to learn tech and get hired by a great company." ~CEO and Co-founder Jim Deters