2018: An Unforgettable CES

With CES 2018 behind us, there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year in technology.  The largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas displayed various exhibits that brought the tech world’s excitement back to reinvigorate innovative ideas to this industry.

This year’s convention is unforgettable due to the weather outside and technology displays inside.  The rain decided to make an appearance in Las Vegas just in time for the show, after about 100 days on hiatus.  Thus causing a CES first on day three, an outage that lasted close to two hours. #CESblackout Many companies overcame the outage by presenting in the dark or utilizing their phones to illuminate their space.  Others used it to their advantage by exercising their comedic muscles.

Check out descriptions of the best and weirdest gadgets from a poster TV to an Alexa controlled toilet, according to TechRadar and c|net.  There were several local companies representing Denver with their products.  These included Tersa Steam's first CES appearance with their clothing pressing device that makes ironing that much more efficient, and the seasoned, Boulder-based company, PopSockets.

All in all, it was another successful show that literally took the tech world by storm with fun and quirky inventions for consumers all over the world.