Growing Denver-based Company: Closetbox

Company Profile: Closetbox

Closetbox is a fast growing company that’s locally based in the Denver area.  It started out as just an idea by a father trying to make room for his growing family in 2014.  In just a few short years, they have raised $19.8 million and $7.3 million of that within the last month.


So what is Closetbox? 

It’s a full-service, hands free storage solution and consumers are loving it!  Closetbox also provides a digital inventory of everything in storage that can be easily accessed.  A consumer can retrieve any of their belongings in storage through their online inventory,  request Closetbox to return it, and receive it at their home. 

This solution to space during transitional times in someone’s life was brought to fruition after the CEO, Marcus Mollmann was going through his own family transition.  He and his wife were rearranging their lives and home to raise twin babies.  While they moved furniture and received new boxes for their babies’ arrival, they realized there must be a better way to do this.  Sure enough there was and thus started Closetbox.

Whether you’re moving or need a little more extra space in your home, Closetbox can help! It really is a hassle-free solution to handling your extra stuff.   Congratulations to Closetbox on their continued growth and expansion into 88 markets.  We look forward to seeing what happens in the upcoming future!