Helpful Tools to Create Your Resume

Have you started your job search and realized you need to update your resume?  Maybe it's outdated and you need to start from scratch.  Below are a few helpful resume tools that are easy to use and provide good looking results.

  • CakeResume: You can have your cake and eat it, too with CakeResume!  This tool allows you to create a new resume in just minutes with their drag-and-drop templates.

  • Ceev: Is a free Chrome extension that changes your LinkedIn profile to an organized resume/CV.  We know what you're thinking, LinkedIn all ready gives you the option to transform your profile into a resume.  This is an alternative tool that might be helpful.  Also, you can change the template and add extra details to make your resume/CV more unique.  

  • KickResume: This tool provides a quick and easy method to creating your resume and cover letter without the hassle of formatting problems.  They even have specific job seeking templates! 

We hope this you jumpstart your next venture in the job seeking world! For more tips on what content to include in your resume, visit our previous blog here. Stay tuned for more helpful tools during the search process...